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Learn To Fence

EFA has three levels of classes; Beginning Fencing, Essential Fencing Techniques, and Competitive Fencing.  The person’s level of experience drives which class would be best for them, with the obvious fact that someone with no experience would need to start in the beginning class.  Classes and practice sessions are held in the lower level of the Katy Cavins Community Center in O’Fallon; the address is 308 East 5th Street, O’Fallon IL. 


The classes are 10 weeks in length and the children's classes (ages 6-7) are 1 hour long; the classes for 8 - adult are 1+30 in duration.  All fencing equipment is provided for the classes … the only things students need is normal gym attire (T-shirt, gym shorts, sweats, tennis/court shoes, and knee length socks … soccer socks work well). 


The three classes are designed to introduce fencing to those who would like to learn how to fence and to provide those who already have some experience with fencing the opportunity to grow and develop their skills.  The normal progression is for someone to enroll in the beginning class to see if this is something they would like to continue doing.  If so, they enroll in the second level class and continue to develop the skills from the first class as well as learn new moves and additional techniques.  For people with no previous fencing experience, it is a requirement to complete at least the Beginning Fencing class and the Essential Fencing Technique class before they can attend EFA training sessions. 


The focus of the academy training sessions is to give one-on-one lessons and group drills to train members for competitions.  While there is no requirement for those who are members of the Eagle Fencing Academy to enter competitions, most of them have.  We compete in tournaments in the greater St. Louis area and some of the more experienced fencers have competed in tournaments in other states to include events at Super Youth Circuits, Regional Youth Circuits, Regional Junior Cadet Circuits, Regional Open Circuits, North American Cups, Junior Olympics, and the Summer Nationals.

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